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@DukathLomakh I agree whole-heartedly here. When anthem dropped it honestly brought my household together. Even when it bugged out day 1 and there were a ton of issues everybody in my house still played. We still do in fact. As for the iron man part. That's exactly why I want them to revive this. Cause I don't want to be iron man, I want to be some guy in a mech suite with his friends in mech suites on an alien world. They say iron man simulators are a good replacement. Nah. Don't wanna play the same name guy I've been seeing the last 25 conscious years of my life. Anthem is incredibly unique in the sense I didn't feel like I was playing a marvel game. Felt like I was exploring and tinkering with things entirely new. (Despite some features still being in other games anthem had a way of bringing a few things out more than other games.) Long story short many people love this game and want to see it spread its wings. Just wish ea would stop grounding the flights.
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