Unable to detect any of the entitled languages?

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Re: Unable to detect any of the entitled languages?

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To follow on from what @EDZ_0718  has posted (thanks), for people still seeing this issue after having done troubleshooting already posted here, please clear your Origin cache and reboot before retrying.


Clear Origin cache: https://help.ea.com/en/help/faq/clear-cache-to-fix-problems-with-your-games/


Let us know if this helps, thanks.

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Re: Unable to detect any of the entitled languages?

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Clearing the Origin cache did not work for me.

I also changed the language of the Origin Client and even the Origin store but no success.


But I found a way that worked for me.


1. Kill all Origin Tasks

2. Copy the Install folder of Anthem to another drive.

3. Start Origin and deinstall Anthem

4. Start the download for Anthem again

5. Close Origin and make sure all Origin tasks are killed

6. Now copy your Anthem backup from the other drive to the proper install folder and replace all files that already have been downloaded.

7. Start Origin an wait the "Resuming" of your download

8. Start the game 

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Language issue

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I'm having a problem with Anthem, when I start it I get an error that says:


"The Origin account currently logged in does not have access to the installed language for this game. Please uninstall and install the game in an allowed language or log in with a different account and restart your game session."



I do not know what to do, I tried them all, to reinstall the game to the client of origin.


Please help me!!

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Re: Language issue

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I have the exact same issuel...

Started paying yesterday at 7pm till today 2am.

Switched the game of.


Started just now again... and now that issue.


We need help here please!!


Tried repair, switch origin language, switch game language of game in origin client.

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Re: Language issue

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If you have a NVIDIA graphics card, update your driver that came out yesterday. It worked out for me after the update.

Hope it works for you too.

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Re: Language issue

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unfortunately, I've already updated the drivers

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Re: Language issue

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Same... just tried it... did not work. Same issue.

Also deinstalled the game, downloaded it again like yesterday... installed it.... same issue.

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Re: Unable to detect any of the entitled languages?

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I've had this issue all day and yesterday.


I spent 5 hours yesterday unable to play because I didn't want the download speed affected, and tried logging in when the download finally reached 43%, then I got that stupid message, so it said to reinstall and pick a language that fit for my account, but there is no other language that fits my account when I tried re-installing it, so 5 hours was wasted.


Then when I left the download running through the night, I woke up at 4 AM to go to the bathroom only to find out there was some sort of error message, so through the entire night the download had only reached 18% when it was at 14% when I whent to bed. 


I waited for it to become 43% so I could try again, and lo and behold, the same error. I waited for the install to completely finish and see if that fixed it, nope, I changed the language of the game inside origin settings to italian and that didn't work, so I changed it back to English and then it actually did work, I managed to play for 2 hours, but then when I wanted to play again earlier today I got the message again and I haven't been able to fix it since.


I've tried uninstalling and re-installing origin(I did it before I started downloading when I went to bed last night) but Origin automaticly chooses the language to be in Swedish, I didn't even get an option to set languages untill Origin was already installed.


I've tried going into my ea account settings and change everything country related to English, I even changed that I'm from Great Britain and not Sweden to see if it would make any difference.


I've tried clearing cache, didn't work. I changed the language to German and I did manage to login that time but I couldn't change the language once I actually got in, so I had to exit the game, set it to English and it stopped working again.


I've tried repairing, restarting my PC, restarting my Internet and nothing works. I want some proper answers on how to fix this because this is absolutely stupid.

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Re: Language issue

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Same for me, tried to change origin launcher language, the anthem language from origin launcher, did those repair stuff, in english and french language, and i really don't want to wait a whole night download again.
How stupid that you can't access the settings anywhere seriously..
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Re: Language issue

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I fixed it for me now!!!
WHY SO EVER my country was changed to Afghanistan in my EA Account.
So go on your EA Account on the EA Website.
Check you region settings. Make sure it is correct.
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