Anthem and TitanFall

by tly0987

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Anthem and TitanFall

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Anthem and TitanFall


I just have to say, I think EA has screwed two of its best games in Anthem and TitanFall. If they would have continued updating them and came out with new versions, they would be some of their most well played games, creating the most money. Anthem can rival Destiny 2, but EA won't put in the time and effort. TitanFall is one of the better games for versus if it had been updated and received better maps and new maps. They have really screwed the pooch on these two. They need to sell them to someone else who wants to make a fortune off of some hard and good work on games.

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@tly0987 Agreed. They should either sell the ip to somebody that is willing to put the work in. OR put the work in themselves and just run with it. Because yeah both of those titles still have a player base and both still have players begging for content. The plug was pulled way too soon on great potential. Ea should 100% plug em back in.
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