An Update on Anthem Next

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Sorry to hear this. I agree that with things as they are right now, focusing all effort on a franchise like Dragon Age, that has existing forward momentum in terms of production and fanbase interest, is probably a better use of resources than trying to build that momentum against all odds with a small team, but it still sucks to not see Anthem realize its potential. However, there is only so much you have control over.


I’m sorry I wasn’t around much throughout this last year. It’s been... a year, and with all the things going on in real life I just did not have the spoons to deal with the forums on top of that. I’ve done my best to try and provide useful feedback and insights, and I hope it was helpful, but again, at the end of the day there is only so much one can do.


Thank you for sticking with it for as long as you were able. There are things that could have gone better and been done better, but as developers I believe you have done the best you could under the circumstances. Hope they will be better on your next project.

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Re: Release the code

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The game runs on EA’s proprietary Frostbite engine and the servers run on EA’s online services platform. Do you seriously expect them to release that source code because you want to run your own server?


Also, they are keeping their servers running. They’re just moving the “Anthem Next” team to work on other projects.

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Re: An Update on Anthem Next


Thanks for sharing the news.


There aren't many games I spent more time in than Anthem.

And while I'm sad the update has been canceled, I'm glad I will be able to fly and visit my favorite spots when I feel like it.

I'll visit my favorite arcanists from time to time.


Best wishes to the dev team. I can't imagine how they must be feeling right now.


Stronger together!



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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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See y'all freelancers in other games. 



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Re: Anthem Next now officially abandoned.

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Never gonna Pre-order any games from EA & try to avoid buying also. Damn liars with empty promises

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Re: An Update on Anthem Next

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Never played it beyond the demo since the demo had so many problems but heard there was some good improvements with great improvements along the way. Disappointed in this as I have Gamepass and was looking forward to jumping in on Series X once the update came out and an update to 60fps.

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Re: An Update on Anthem Next

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So what about 

So forgive and forget because it's just business? Pulling the plug on Anthem shouldn't just upset the Anthem fans. People really need to stop coming up with excuses to support bad behavior. You say this was a business decision, yeah well it's bad for business when a company keeps making empty promises and walking away from broken games. Anthem should've been reworked like No Mans Sky or Battlefront 2 but instead of making things right they chose to move on and make more money. There are many companies that treat their customers (and employees) better then this.

This is what I’ve been saying from the start. Now you understand. Maybe now more people will start holding companies to higher standards. Maybe now people won’t blindly support and defend a game no matter how deeply broken or flawed it is. This game screwed y'all over not once, but twice. It’s sad though since you guys were all that was left that genuinely hoped this game would succeed. Remember this the next time you fall for a game this hard

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Re: Anthem Next now officially abandoned.

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Almost immediately upon release, a massive angry mob  of children beat the game with sticks, shouting “you lied, you’re dead”.


Potential players walking by asked if the game was worth trying but were told by the crowd, “nah, it’s dead”. So the would-be players left and the children continued their beating.

Fans would say, “it’s actually fun”, but they were drown out by the angry mob, who mocked the game.


Eventually the game made one last attempt to stand but it’s legs buckled and it collapsed and died.


So the children beat it with sticks again, shouting “you abandoned us.”



Standard smile That’s what I saw from 2019-2021

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Re: Anthem suggestions: Free-To-Play, modders, etc. #SaveAnthem

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@Midknyghte oh is that what happen pretty sure the story went very differently.
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Re: Anthem Next now officially abandoned.

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I want to see the Anthem ‘Snyder cut’. Standard smile I want to see what we could have had even in an incomplete form. Was there ever any gameplay footage leaked of Anthem NEXT? 

Would love to have the alpha drop on a test server.... Would be interesting to see the reception.

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