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PTS update - 6/14/2019

by BW_Darokaz

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Re: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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@DerivelHUN You are getting 100% CPU usage because your CPU barely hits the minimum requirements. Even recommended suggest an i7, and for ultra high even my i9 9900k can spike up really high.

It's a demanding game. It's way too heavy to expect a 4 core processor to even keep up with it. 

And I doubt your friend maintains 40% with an i5. My i9 doesn't go as low as 30% in this game.

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Re: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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@SneakyAdolfH wrote:

@Neiloch Timed loot that is locked behind lootboxes and will be removed from the game after the event is not a solution.

You're right, that's why they aren't doing that.


"To put it more plainly, it would be kind of silly to just toss out content the team has worked so hard on and not use it in some way after the 8 weeks."


@RandomNobodyLol wrote:

@DerivelHUN You are getting 100% CPU usage because your CPU barely hits the minimum requirements. Even recommended suggest an i7, and for ultra high even my i9 9900k can spike up really high.

It's a demanding game. It's way too heavy to expect a 4 core processor to even keep up with it. 

And I doubt your friend maintains 40% with an i5. My i9 doesn't go as low as 30% in this game.

Yep. I just got a Ryzen 7 2700X and it goes from 40-60% use. I can max it right out by turning the settings to 'low.' PTS was easier on it but people getting 100% now probably are only going to see a small drop, if any. I was running a i5 3750k and a GTX 960 that maxed out most of the time (90-100) but I was also able to successfully stream at 720p at 30 FPS since release up until a week ago when I upgraded. Only thing I couldn't do that I usually did was use my browser efficiently at the same time since it had significant slow down.

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Betreff: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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wanted to support by playing PTS. Result:

"error retrieving Pilot data, Restart Anthem"

restarted, changed to Cataclysm

==> Crash

restarted, another mission try

==>  "error retrieving Pilot data, Restart Anthem"


Hey guys, sorry....


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Re: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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Literally I've barely touched the PTS. Without the little things that matter being patched and fixed and I find it's hard to even get motivated to play the Cataclysm. AS for the Cataclysm itself it is completely underwhelming.

This does not feel like a Cataclysm. It feels like an extra large Stronghold. The final mission of the Story feels more Cataclysmic than the actual Cataclysm! Go back to your E3 demo that showed a fearsome hellstorm of wind, cyclones, and lightning. We need trees being ripped out of the ground and large boulder being tossed about. Large enough debris that it will damage you if you don't dodge it(don't overdo that though.) The Cataclysm we were first shown at E3 felt like it could damage, or even destroy, Bastion. Where I'm at has thunderstorms more fearsome than the Cataclysm. 

Make the Cataclysm Scary Again. The E3 version inspired fear and caution and apprehension. This Cataclysm's current stability mechanic that's honestly and bluntly boring and unengaging. The wind doesn't affect your flight in normal gameplay or the Cataclysm. It would really do a lot for the feel of the world and flying to be able to feel wind and have to compensate for it. You should be able to feel the winds pushing your Javelin off course and constantly have to fight with the Wind if you want to fly at all. That's the stability mechanic. Ditch the current stability thing and make the Wind matter! You could even make it so that to fly without the Wind affecting you need to activate a flight stabilizer that reduces your overall flight time. The choice between flight stability and flight time would be meaningful and add a lot to the game. Wind as environmental factor should be integral. Look to Breath of the Wild. The way they implemented Wind adding so much to the game.

Of course not all areas all the time in normal gameplay should have the wind mechanic. It should be when you get too high just before the flight ceiling to add to the effect of winds pushing you down. And certain specific areas that make sense should always be windy in the World Map. And obviously of course when they are the occasional storms. But don't go so far as to be like Breath of the Wild in that when it rains you're not climbing on much of anything. It should add a *small* challenge. The kind of thing once you get used to it after a couple times you don't even think about and make the adjustment for wind without thinking(like real pilots do).

I really believe adding a wind mechanic to the Cataclysm and general gameplay would do a lot for Anthem, and make the environment feel more real and more dangerous. If allowing the wind to toss you around and not fighting can crash your Javelin and maybe even kill you if you let yourself crash land in a tumble would make everything feel more dynamic and keep players on their toes.  This has to be well balanced to work though. You need to give players enough time to compensate for wind before putting them in a tumble. And give them a method to recover from a tumbling fall also. This also will make players feel like a real pilot that needs to learn pilot skills to succeed and survive.


Condense inscriptions to fix loot drops.

You would do a lot for loot by combining redundant inscriptions.

Combine all shield, ammo, weapon damage, flight, overheat, resistances, etc into single inscriptions.

For example the "shields" inscription would include recharge rate, delay, etc. And there would only be shields buff(increases amount of shields) and shields enhancement which does recharge time, delay, etc. Weapon Damage and Ammo would apply to all guns and not one specific gun. Flight inscription would combine flight time, etc.

One of the biggest issues with loot is that there are too many inscriptions that are redundant and dilute the loot pool creating literal Casino/Slot Machine levels odds(do the math yourself.) This is a video game, not a Casino or Slot Machine. Casino/Slot Machine odds do not work for video games. Any ideation of how to do loot mechanics that derives from Casino logic or algorithms will not work for Video Games. The psychology is as different as it is similar. You need rewards more often in Video Games to keep them engaged. Casinos work because of the possibility of real life significant sums of life changing money. This ain;t Diablo 2 and you can't trade. Loot is not worth any tangible in the real word and you don't have an Auction House like Diablo 3 did to fill in the gap of bad rolls. 

If the leads think this will work because it worked for Diablo 3 they have to realize **IT DID NOT WORK FOR DIABLO 3!!!!!** They scrapped all that and massively increased the odds and the lesson they learned is starving players for loot will not keep them coming back. It's like you guys are only looking at release Diablo 3 and forgot all the changes they had to make to salvage their mistakes. Loot 2.0 does have a lot of flaws and is a band aid for inherently flawed mechanics and itemization. Please learn from their mistakes and stop repeating them. This is almost exactly like the path of Diablo 3 but without an Auction House to prop things up.

If you combine inscriptions and reduce the amount of possible inscriptions it will clean things up and do a lot to make loot better in one fell swoop. It will increase odds, make loot better, and also make the players actually feel truly powerful. The current inscriptions don't do enough and we just do not feel "powerful" as things currently are.

Bioware has permission to use these ideas directly. I would only ask for credit given where due, and nothing else, if Bioware does use these ideas fully or partially

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Betreff: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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Did you go to the forge and properly activated and selected a javelin?


It’s stated here



@BW_Darokaz at first I was able to see more cataclysm areas and played through them, but now for some reason it’s back to only 3

not sure if the update has been accidentally reverted or if I should put it in as bug report

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Re: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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How about since the game is pretty much in beta, everyone on every platform just gets all the content. As an xbox player who paid for this game it seems extremely ridiculous that I dont have access to new content yet. A couple of weeks to update a test server? Wtf.

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Re: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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The 100% CPU usage is a problem with Origin. 

Support should be telling you to leave the application settings window in Origin open in the background to stop the CPU usage issue.

Also with performance it's a Vsync bug.

Turn off Vsync or use Fast Vsync to get full performance. 

Support should also know and be distributing the solution to this. Where's the Anthem "Known Issues and Bug Fixes" support page that should include this info?

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Re: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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Also get rid of those Loot Boxes.

Call them whatever you want. But those are Loot Boxes and it was stated Anthem would never have Loot Boxes.

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Betreff: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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ok, thanks, activated Javelin, now I can start.

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Re: PTS update - 6/14/2019

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@KillerBeaz01 It’s common industry practice that test servers are only available on PC. Apparently, this is due to how Sony and Microsoft handle certification issues with consoles. Also, it seems BW has been updating the PTS, possibly even daily. The problem is they haven’t been telling PTS players what they’re changing so there’s a lot of confusion, uncertainty and speculation about what’s happening.
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