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PTS Feedback

by testosterownlol

Original Post

PTS Feedback

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Hi BW,


Heres some feedback on the latest PTS after having spent a few hours on there:




- I love the new map, your world building skills remain unmatched

- I love the new boss Vara, fun fight

- I love the new sequences in the events, albeit remaining the same mechanically (stay in zone to defend, collect echoes) -> some minor changes are refreshing, but would love to see entirely new fights

- I don't like that the event "ends" once a world event is failed

- I don't like that the open world is not affected by the Cataclysm in anyway

- I don't like that I need to matchmake to get to the Cataclysm -> Open up the open world the following way: Introduce a seamless transition from FT to Bastion and allow us to go to the Cataclysm via a instance portal, similar how World of Warcraft has done it with its open world and raids/dungeons. Use the same mechanics for already existing dungeons as used for The Vault & co.

- Allow us to access Strongholds the same way, via open world

- On the next PTS, it would be great to have a copy of our characters from the live branch transferred over to the PTS. It makes it easier for us veterans to take on your endgame faster and therefore provide you with feedback faster -> more time for you to make changes if you see the need to do so


I can't stress this enough: You need to make this game a true open-world game (again, examples are WoW and The Divison), if you want to see your game gather a significant following.


That's my 5 cents.


Looking forward to what you guys have in stock for the future.


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Re: PTS Feedback

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- I don't like the score boards linked to the cataclysm. I would instead welcome them for the daily/weekly/monthly challenges, as it would help represent those players who play frequently to make it to the top of those leader boards. The current intention of linking the cataclysm to the leaderboards is misplaced in my opinion.

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Re: PTS Feedback

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@testosterownlolI'm on PS4 so can't join in. But I wanted to comment on " Allow us to access Strongholds the same way, via open world"

Absolutely, enter via a 'door' from Freeplay would be fantastic. Just like in Destiny 1 when entering the Vault of Glass. One of my most memorable gaming experiences was the first time battle to open the Vault. Admittedly, you did select VOG via menu and arrive at the start, but it still existed in the open world.

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Re: PTS Feedback

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I'd love to see them expand on the open world subject in so many aspects. Access to strongholds and other events like the cataclysm being one of many.


I'm under the impression that many of us bought into the game because of an implied open world setup, and not simply a freeplay mode which we need to matchmake to get into.


Specifically with the cataclysm coming up, its a subject that resurges :-/

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