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Hero Program FAQ

by EA_Francois

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Hero Program FAQ

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Community Manager (retired)

Hello everyone!


With the arrival of the Hero program, we realize that many of you may have questions. We hope that the following answers will help shed more light on the subject. If you have questions that aren’t covered by this FAQ, please head over to this thread to ask them.


1.      What are the Heroes?

The Heroes are users that have demonstrated an outstanding level of engagement with our community. By consistently sharing their knowledge and experience to help their fellow gamers and by displaying an attitude in line with Answers HQ’s values, they have earned their place among the Heroes.


2.      What do I get from being a Hero?

Heroes are granted an array of privileges. They receive a special rank displayed underneath their name, Hero, to stand out everywhere they post. They also get the use of a signature to add their touch to any thread they participate in.
On top of that, they also receive several moderation abilities to aid them in their endeavors, and make it easier for them to help the communities they are passionate about.

Finally, Heroes get exclusive access to a dedicated section of Answers HQ, the Fortress, where they can communicate directly with our team of Community Managers. In this section they will receive VIP support from our team to make sure that they can always get back in the game.
This is only the first step, and we plan to add many and more as Answers HQ continues to grow.


3.      Who are the Heroes? How can I recognize them?
You can recognize them by the title displayed under their username, Hero. Soon (™), they will be getting access to exclusive badges that will make their posts stand out from the rest of the messages on Answers HQ.


4.      How do I become a Hero?

Heroes are cherry picked among our user community. They are users who have shown consistent presence and activity, a will to share their knowledge with other players, what they know about our games and products and how to make the most out of them. They share our values and are outstanding members of our community. We will periodically review our community and select the most deserving of our users. Once a user is considered for our Hero program, they gain access to a private area explaining a bit more in detail and if that sounds like something they're interested in, they can express their interest in becoming a part of the program, and there we go.


5.      What if I wasn’t picked? Will I get another chance?

Yes, you will! We will regularly reach out to those most deserving among our best users and offer them to join our Heroes.

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