Glossary: discover the meanings of abbreviations

by Andromache2013

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Glossary: discover the meanings of abbreviations

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Heya everyone


On the Internet and especially gaming forums, there are tons of abbreviations that we use. However a lot of people don't really understand what they mean and it can lead to a lot of confusion and add extra unnecessary time to solving a problem. What I've compiled here with the help of the other Heros, is a list of every-day-to-day abbreviations and internet slang that are used on the Answer HQ. 


Credit for terms to:

  • Crinrict
  • Ismithereens
  • Thandal N'Lyman


Common Internet Slang:


AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AFK = Away From Keyboard

AKA = Also known as 

ASAP = As soon as possible

ATM = At the moment 


B4 = Before

BTW = By the way

brb = Be right back


c/p = Copy and paste


GTG = Got to go (we don't really use that here though)

G2G = Good to go

GG = Good game


FNAR = For no apparent reason

FYI = For your information


IRL/RL = In real life/Real life

ICYMI = In case you missed it

IDK = I don't know

IIRC = If I recall correctly

IKR = I know, right

IMHO = In My Honest/Humble Opinion

IMO = In My Opinion


K, KK = OK


LOL = Laughing out loud 



NP = No problem


NVM = Nevermind


OT = Off-topic



ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing


Sticky = a floated post


TBH = To be honest

Thread = a series of posts (generally on the same topic)

Typo = typographical error (basically you typed something wrong)

TTYL = Talk to you later


W/E = Whatever


Gaming and AHQ slang:


CM = Community Manager

CPU = Central Processing Unit, also known as processor

CtD - Crash to Desktop

CS = Customer Support


DXDIAG = DirectX Diagnostic Tool

DLC = Downloadable Content

Download: to receive data from a remote system (like web server, FTP server, email server) to a local system (like your PC). 

DEP = Data Execution Prevention


EP = Expansion Pack


FAQ =  Frequently Asked Question(s)


GPU = Graphic Processor Unit

GA = Game Advisor (EA)


Installation: to connect or set in position and prepare for use. In computer terminology, install usually refers to putting software on a computer (install the software), or  adding hardware components to your computer (install the hardware).


Latency = The time it takes for a send message to reach it's destination. (or you can call it message delay).


OP = Original poster or Original Post unless specified otherwise

OS = Operating System (like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8)


PC = Personal Computer or Premium Content

PSU = Power Supply Unit

PING = Originally a program to test the latency (message delay) between client and target machine and back (roundtrip)

Packet = A bundle of data that travels over the network connection. It contains the user data and control information (aka network destination addresses, errors etc)

Port = application/process specific number which can be set to identify multiple applications/processes on a single IP address.


Re-download = Downloading content once again.


SP = Stuff Pack or Story Progression


TTBOMK = To the best of my knowledge


Upload: is the opposite of download. You are giving data from a local system to a remote system.


XP = Experience points

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