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Re: ea advisor help.....dafuq is this

by UnKnownXistance

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ea advisor help.

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PrakashThank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Prakash, may I start with your first name please?
PrakashNice to meet you Scott.
PrakashThank you for contacting us again. I sincerely apologize for the response provided by the previous associate.
PrakashCan I ask you one thing?
PrakashIt seems that your caps lock is on, so please off it. Do you and your friend both has the Full game?
youyes we do. this should all be in my notes, we have gone threw litterally everyhting, every troubleshooting opton, we have unistslled reinstalled, cleared mac addresss cleared persistent storage removed gamer tag re added gamertag, restarted my modem power cycled my xbox, we have done everything and nothing is working, mad a complaint on the answers.ea page and it got marked as solved for visibilty which makes no sense
younhl 18 works fine but this game doesnt
youactually every game i own works perfectly fine this is the only one that doesnt
PrakashI can completely understand. If that happened to me I'd be really upset too. I can imagine how frustrating that must be.
PrakashPlease give me some time to check the last case.
PrakashThank you for waiting. I really appreciate your patience.
PrakashA Way Out is a co-op only, split screen game. Players can play together in the same room as couch co-op, or you can play with a friend online. If you want to play the game with friend then your friend should download a free online-only Friend Pass. If your friend has the full version then you can not connect the game.
youthat doesnt help
youme and my firend own the fulll game
youwhat are talking about right nwo
youno what a way out is
PrakashYes then you can not play the game with your friend.
youso if we both own the game we cant play together
youhow does that even make sense
PrakashI would suggest you to please open the link which I have shared.
youdid u even read my notes on my * account
PrakashThis game is not an online game. There are 2 modes, co-op mode and friends pass mode. If you want to play the game with your friend then
PrakashIf you play online, you’ll be able to get a Friend version of the game. That means one of you will have to own a copy, then the other can download a free online-only Friend Pass to play along. Invite your friend to play with you and get ready for A Way Out.
PrakashYes I have read the notes.
youbut if we own the game we cant get the friend pass
PrakashYes you are right.
PrakashThen you need to create a new account to play the game online with your friend.
youyour are so dumb this makes no sense.......a game that was made to play coop cant be played with two epople that own the game
youyour the only advisor that has said this
youthis isnt * true
PrakashI think you are unable to understand what I want to say.
PrakashA Way Out is a new co-op only, split screen game from Hazelight. Go through the movie-like story, all with your friend by your side.
PrakashYou can play with your friend like Co-op with only one account.
youtohow t they create a game that cant be played with two poeple that own the game......i have another friend hat uses the free pass and it still doesnt work
PrakashAs there are 2 characters in the game.
youdo u even no what this game is
PrakashAs I have provided you with all the required information and your concern is becoming repetitive as you are asking for something that I have already informed you that it is not possible. I am afraid to say but I need to end the chat session. If you have any other issues apart from this please contact us back. We would be glad to assist you again.
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Re: ea advisor help.....dafuq is this

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Lmao this is pretty sad, but that’s EA i bought this game on xbox and still havnt been able to play with a friend. about to get a refund on another trash ea game
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Re: ea advisor help.....dafuq is this

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yeah we jsut tried what they suggested and it still doesnt work
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Re: ea advisor help.....dafuq is this

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Community Manager

@UnKnownXistance Hi, I see you have an extensive case history, sorry that you haven't been able to find a fix yet. 

Can I check what the exact error message you get is? What region are you in, and is your friend in the same region? One of your tickets references some other friends with the same issue. Are they on the same system and/or in the same region?

I can see that you have tried the MAC address clear, as well as the power cycle, but can I double check that you tried the full one detailed here? Also please check that your friend has done this too.


Another troubleshooting step that's worth checking is whether your Xbox is set as your home console. It usually is, but there are some rare cases where if somone else (usually a partner or sibling) has that console set as their Home one, then folks might have issues. 


Thank you.

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Re: ea advisor help.....dafuq is this

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there is no error message, after accepting invite from a friend it goes to the loading screen, it says authenticating and that disappears and then its just the spinning circle for ever it never stops no message no nothing just a spinning i have said to multiple ea advisers, im not dumb, and when i say i have literally tried every possible troubleshooting option thats available that means i have TRIED every single thing and nothing works, the fact that you guys keep asking me the same damn question OVER AND OVER AND OVER is god damn annoying......and yes my friends and i are in the same region which is Canada, Ontario, we live within a half hour of each other, four of us with different consoles and each own the game, and one with his own console but has the free pass and it still wouldnt work.....i had tried the home xbox option and everything and nothing fixed the issue.....and then i get the above convo from not one but two ea "advisers"......there is no way the game was made so you cant play with others that own the game, that just simply makes no i plead to you to not tell me to try the same troubleshooting bs that ive tried several times.....and actually listen when i say i have TRIED THEM ALL and nothing has worked......
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Re: ea advisor help.....dafuq is this

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Community Manager

Oh I believe you. I just wanted to check a couple of extra steps in case they'd been missed. 


And yes, it would be silly if owning the game was preventing you from playing with a friend, I've played the game with 2 systems that own it. 

Can I check your ISP and router? Can I check if your friends use the same ISP, and even if they use the same router? Would you and the friend you're playing with be able to try creating mobile hotspots and play using the mobile network, as a test? Obviously this could lead to sub-optimal gameplay, but it'll help with determining where the issue lies.




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Re: ea advisor help.....dafuq is this

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i shouldnt have to do all this bull to play one game, when every other game is working perfectly fine, including other EA titles......I have officially refunded the game because these steps should need to be taken to play a game, it is just absolutely stupid.....after spending four days trying to get this to work i just had it with this game, if it ever gets fixed in the future maybe ill re buy the game but for now i got my money back because you guys are has taken until now for someone to stop suggesting the same thing....even though some one has already asked me about my ISP and nothing has been fixed STILL!!!! so good day please work on the issue cause im not the only one wih this issue, if u go to xbox game store and read the comments on the game they all have been having the same issues, so its clearly your guys end that is messed up, and the fact that you guys keep thinking its our issue when eveery other game works perfectly fine is just dumb......take responsibility for your own issues
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