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Re: Why am I have really bad issues?

by Vanya-pathfinder

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Why am I have really bad issues?

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Ever since I got this game I have had issues with it. However my computer meets all of the requirements. The game crashed very often within the first few months I had it. I wasn't able to do quests or multiplayer because it would freeze and crash. Also it would randomly glitch and crash for no reason. It has been happening ever since I got it and I was very limited on what I could do in this game because it would crash. Over time it began to work, but it still crashes randomly and I am often kicked from the game session and it still crashes. It is VERY frustrating at times. Since it has been happening since I got it even if I restart my computer it still fails a lot. It just isn't working very well. I am not sure whether or not it is just me but need help. Please help me with this issue.

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Re: Why am I have really bad issues?

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Hey @CrazyDavewins


Could you tell us with what game exactly do you have a problem? Oops You posted on A Way Out forum and mentioned "quests", which are not a part of that game, so we might need a small clarification here Standard smile




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Re: Why am I have really bad issues?

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ever since i joined upa , they keep telling me to sign in , but when i do sign in they won't allow me too


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Re: Why am I have really bad issues?

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What are you talking about?

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