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Vincent glitches while walking - Hazelight Std says support is up to EA

by paulojmad

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Vincent glitches while walking - Hazelight Std says support is up to EA

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Playing on the PC with my friend he has a full version game I have the Pass. Game plays ok until the level where we're looking for LEO's family. Out of nowhere Vincent starts glitching when walking.


What we do?


- REPAIR GAME (check)


- SWITCH CHARACTERS (my friend plays Vincent I play Leo - VINCENT still has the bug I don't with LEO!)


Vincent can only walk OK when I FOCUS (RMB) and sometimes when I run but both don't work all the time! So after all this I bite the bullet hoping it was only there, right? Could be, right? We go on to the construction working level, the initial challenge Vincent can't use "E" to pick Intimidate or smooth talk the guy barring the way in. After I mash "E" (took us like 15min!) we go in and same problem... Vincent glitches when walking.


I have an i5-7600 with a GTX 1080 and this game couldn't hog my machine if it tried. Tried changing desktop resolution, mapping different keys, Repair Game (both of us), REINSTALL GAME (both) and nothing... Can you PLEASE give some instructions on how to bypass this issue? I asked on the Hazelight Studios Discord and the DEVs say they have nothing to do with it now, and that EA is the one to solve this.


So.... Can you please help?



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