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Re: Plants vs zombies not authorized to play this game

by EA_Ataashi

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Plants vs zombies not authorized to play this game

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Hi, i cannot even rember how long ago i purchased my version of plants vs zombies, and for some reason after years of being able to be played nornally, this week it has sudenly ceased working and now just constantly gives me a "you are not authorized to play this game" error. I can definitely say i purchased the game, through the usa google play store, and have been playing without issue for years, so can someone please explain to me why i cannot do so anymore. If i need to pm a administrator my google play id i will, but i do not feel comfortable stating it publicly on a forum.

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Re: Plants vs zombies not authorized to play this game

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I'm sorry to hear about your problem and, of course, it's a good decision to not post information like your Google Play ID on a public forum.


Since you accidentally posted on a forum about A Way Out, can I ask about which Plants vs Zombies game are you talking exactly? Mentioning Google Play Store points to one of the PvZ mobile games. However, they are free, so the fact that you purchased your game tells me that it might be one of the other instalments.


Thanks in advance for clarifying this!


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