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My game won't work?

by Megamom78

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Re: My game won't work?

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how to solve this tried to update but still nothing???HELP

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Re: My game won't work?

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@ultra566 That error points to an issue with your GPU drivers, the best thing to do is remove the old drivers and then install the latest ones. 



Before installing the drivers you can delete the older ones:

-Access the device manager (you can use windows start search to find it).
-Look for Display adapters and right click/Properties.
-Go to driver tab and hit uninstall.
-Select "Delete the driver software for this device"

Some additional links that could help you:

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Re: My game won't work?

Community Manager

@krispykoreann Perhaps if you posted some information in relation to the issue you are having we could help you. If you just post a rant about an issue without telling us what the issue is, then it's difficult to help you resolve it. 

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Re: My game won't work?

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@EA_Darko seriously dude? In having the exact same issue as the very first post in the thread which is the entire purpose of posting in a thread. And the very first persons question still hasnt been amswered yet.. just a whole lotta try 10 different things with a whole lotta tried that didnt works. Thats why the thread is 9 pages long because nothing is getting resolved. Your response is a joke. Perhaps if you didnt take 9 pages before responding people wouldnt rant.
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Re: My game won't work?

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@krispykoreann People in this thread are reporting different problems, without specifying the issue people cannot help. Did you try any of the suggestions that worked for others in the thread?


Also, AHQ is a  global community focused on players helping players. If you require direct support from an EA adviser then contact our live support at  




In relation to a couple of your posts, please take a couple of minutes to read the AHQ User Rules and Guidelines before posting again:

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Re: My game won't work?

[ Edited ]
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Im not computer savvy when it comes to drivers. iv removed all my old drivers i believe and installed and updated my new graphics card. I click play in origin and it minimizes for a few seconds and then reopens origin. Nothing pops up in process's. i tried it in safe mode without networking and got it to show up in processes as well as i received this login screen. but it wont work in safe mode with networking. Im asuming that verifies that its a security or driver issue. I provided a picture of my device manager and what i think is needed to solve problem. I have two monitors hooked up but iv tried with and without both. Please and thank you for the help!

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Re: My game won't work?

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Ive done EA chat support, and they asked me to download an entire other program to uninstall origin and a way out, then I had to reinstall everything, just for it to not work again. Also tweeted Hazelight about it and they gave me an automated response to talk to EA support. GOTTA LOVE IT
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Re: My game won't work?

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you will not believe it boy but I got the exact same Issue, game dousnt start and everything they told you they also told me..pathetic.
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Re: My game won't work?



And I thought you'd already returned the game?


If you want to seek help here and not just rant post a DxDiag.

Then we can have a look if there is something obvious wrong in your graphic system.


This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

Death closes all: but something ere the end, Some work of noble note, may yet be done, Not unbecoming men that strove with Gods.
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Re: My game won't work?

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I already did, Im just stating all the nonsensical bull I had to go through before I did. I just never learn to not buy EA published games. Lesson learned.
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