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Re: My game won't work?

by Y93YxMARIOxY93Y

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Re: My game won't work?

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I did everything about this game. Reinstalling game twice. Update gpu drivers to the newest (gtx 1050ti). Switch probably almost option in nvidia panel to disabled. Update my Windows 10. Update Origin to the beta version. l install all Redist folder from game. Nothing works, but I find solution maybe u can try it too. When I download 100% game, game won't work, but when hit 38% of game and stop downloading. Switch origin to offline and run it as admin A Way Out. Game run it and I get blinking green screen, so I switch in graphic options display mode to borderlessfullscreen and now it's fine.
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Re: My game won't work?

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I have the same question -black screen, only sound.

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Re: My game won't work?

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Re: My game won't work?

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Hiya. Not even the 38% thing worked. I had another chat with the EA support team and it pretty much went like this:


- Me: Can you follow up on that Unreal Engine bug I reported a while ago? It's what makes the game crash/not run for me and potentially many other users.

- EA Support: We are not responsible for bluescreens. This is caused by the Windows OS. Contact a PC specialist.

- Me: Wait, what? I am reporting a bug with the Unreal Engine, this is not a bluescreen.
- EA Support: I'm sorry, but we can't help you with OS bluescreens.

- Me: IT'S NOT A BLUESCREEN. Right, ran you at least forward this to a developer from Hazelight? 

- EA Support: Can we help you with anything else? If not, have a nice day.

- Me: ......




It's refund time. 

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Re: My game won't work?



Did you tried the DPI scaling?


This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
Dies ist ein Spieler helfen Spielern Forum, ich arbeite nicht für EA.

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Re: My game won't work?

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@Holger1405Yes. Set to 100%. Didn't work. What's really sad: I dusted off my PS4 Pro last night as my friend was over and bought it there (again), as messing with PC and EA seemed to be going nowhere. Let's see if I can get a refund; the game isn't listed as a refundable game in my account (probably because I bought it 2 weeks ago). 


Should've done that from the beginning, but how was I supposed to know - I just wanted the "best" possible experience, and that's usually on PC. 

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Re: My game won't work?

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Ok guys i had the same problem. The Play button would go inactive but the game wouldnt start and it just went back to active again. I noticed that original client said that there was a new version and i clicked to update it and thought that it did but it did not and the game wasnt starting. I just manually downloaded latest version and installed it and it worked for me.

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Re: My game won't work?

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That worked for me, kinda.

I tried everything I could find and was about to reinstall windows.

Even Installed free trial version from another account. It launched but with poor resolution. Reset to "default settings" didnt help, cause it already was "default". When I set "windowed fullscreeen" everything became ok. And the regular version FINALLY launched.

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