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Re: Game Keeps Crashing

by mamut_mamutekPL

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Re: Game Keeps Crashing

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@suhijefrajer Every DXDiag is unique to the individual, sure they all look the same but they contain very different information. 

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Re: Game Keeps Crashing

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Heya @suhijefrajer


the dxdiag is different for every system and without it, troubleshooting your issue would be like finding a needle in the haystack Frown .




Answeres provided by real chickens


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Re: Game Keeps Crashing

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Ok . I will do it...but you should know what's the problem by now.
You are like masters at this stuff .
Please fix it as soon is possible.
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Re: Game Keeps Crashing

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listen mate, ive got the same problem,

what helps a little run game in 1650x1050 in windowed lower graphics settings and u should be able to pass thru the moments where game crashes

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Re: Game Keeps Crashing

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Really...thats the solution... unbelievable.thx mate.dont even wanna know how you got to the point to do that.. unbelievable.
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