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Re: Trouble Activating Friend Pass

by Keykeymon

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Re: Cannot get 'free trial' friend's pass

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he gets redirected to the store page of the game, the download with friends pass should be on the store page, my friend overlooked it at first too.

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Re: Cannot get 'free trial' friend's pass

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Nah, the button wasn't there on the store page.


It's there now though. I'm guessing the release time on Origin and the actual release time for the friend's pass didn't match up.


Everything seems to be working as expected now.

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Re: Cannot get 'free trial' friend's pass

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Community Manager

Great to read that @urm4162. I'm merging this thread with another thread about the same topic.

Hope you and your friends enjoy the game!

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Re: Trouble Activating Friend Pass

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the link should be next to the paid link. id downloaded the pass (trial) before i purchased it before it released.

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Re: Trouble Activating Friend Pass

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This problem is NOT solved. 

It has been a while since the game's release, and we're having the same issue. 


There is no trial listed in the Free Games > Trial section on our PC Origin store. 

When my husband invites me to play and I click on the invite link, I'm given an unhelpful message that I need to download the game. 


This completely invalidates the value proposition of a fully co-op title. 

Please fix this game-breaking issue ASAP.  

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