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Titanfall stuck at loading screen

by ithinkurdumb

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Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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It's been four days and I only managed to play for less than 15 minutes.

No matter which datacenter I choose, 80% of the time, the game will stuck at the loading screen (the one with a few spaceships and a planet in the background, with a grey loading wheel at the lower-right corner) and nothing happens. The other 20% of the time it manages to get into the lobby. But after choosing a game mode, a "Connecting" screen will pop-up. The "Connecting" screen will either stay there forever, or disappears then shows a "connection to server timed out" error.

The ping values are pretty low (30ms or so to Asian ones and less than 150ms to US ones) to most servers. None of other Xbox One games have problem connecting to MP. It's extremely frustrated that a game that's suppose to tap into Windows Azure to have failed at this level. I've tried to contact Respawn support a few times and the only response I got was "We'll look into it", and that was three days ago.

Titanfall? More like Titanfall.

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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

Community Manager

Connection issues are indeed under investigation, but in the meanwhile have you restarted all your network devices (console, router etc) and opened the need ports?

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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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Having the EXACT same problem. Though, on PC.
I have Alienware 14 which meets all the requirements and plays any game at full hd easily. Haven't been able to even get into the game. Screw you EA! You've always delivered broken games. Last time it was BF4 and it took me a month to get into the game despite the fact that i preordered it.
#NoMoreEA #LearnFromValve
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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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Having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM! I have done everything: 


  • restarting my router/unplugging my router
  • checked my other online games to see if my internet was slow; nope they ran smoothly
  • reinstallation
  • repairing the game
  • checking for updates
  • deleted .cab files in directx file
  • restarting computer
  • opening up ports
  • turning off firewall
  • lowering graphics to the lowest settings
  • switching ingame regions
  • contacting EA (big help they were)

Nothing works. I'm at my wits end. 

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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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I've been investigating into the issue further. It seems that the issue is related to the ISP perticualarly Optus.
You can read more about it here

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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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Hi guys,


Ummmm so i dont want to get anyones hopes up but i fixed my ship loading problem on pc??

Now i know absolutly nothing about computers and im not even sure if what i did fixed it.

After trying a hundred others i did this and now it works...


i was playing around with the ports as someone had posted with no luck. but there is something called edge traversal in the advanced section of the titan fall ports.

I allowed edge traversal for both ports and have been able to play ever since. even last night between 4pm and 8pm.



I hope it works for you guys too. Good luck ! 

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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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i got exactly the same issue, and i have saw that the game working good at around of midnight each days.

I have tested at 11PM, it stuck at ship loading screen, i retry at 00:00 it work fine up to 9AM. So i suppose the servers are locked/blocked in a hours range or my internet provider block them.


I htink that we have a tip with this information but we need someone to confirm this.

I confirm that it work fine for me each day between 00AM and 9AM around.


For precision, i have done nothing between the moment where it doesn't work and when it work and my conputer was alone on the network and wired.

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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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Please add your details to this thread all:

All of us have been unable to play for over a week now. 

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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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same, i am in sever east Asia (80-100ms) and after i am playing 2 matchs, about 20minutes and then i can't play 3rd match, i quit it and start a new game but it stuck in Loading screcc, Fix this EA, it suck

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Re: Titanfall stuck at loading screen

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i confirm that i got issue only when server are overloaded, i run the game with params to display infor and fps, and always crash when cpu server is > 20 %, now it is 10% and i got no connection issue

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