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Titanfall crashing to desktop

by krunkshank

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Titanfall crashing to desktop

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Hi, I've tried every fix listed and can't get this issue resolved. I've tried reinstalling video drivers, rolling back to older drivers, reinstalling the game, repairing the game, reinstalling windows, changing video cards, reseating RAM, port forwarding, disabling cores on my processor, you name it. I've done everything to try to get this game to work on my system and all it does is crash to desktop when I click PLAY or when I'm in the options menu. It runs fine on my work machine so I've gotten to play a bit, but that just makes it all the more aggrivating that I can't play at home. I've seen hundreds of threads about this and tried every fix contained in them with no luck. It seems like a widespread enough problem that EA or Respawn would make a statement but I haven't seen one. If I can be assured that there is a fix is being worked on I will not get a refund because I really enjoy the game. Please don't make me get my money back!

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Re: Titanfall crashing to desktop

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Re: Titanfall crashing to desktop

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I actually figured it out. Updating the firmware for my intel motherboard fixed everything. Hopefully this might help others having the same issue.

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Re: Titanfall crashing to desktop

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Good to hear.  Thanks for bringing us up to date, and enjoy the game! 

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