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Titanfall & Belkin Router

by RogueD0C

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Titanfall & Belkin Router

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Titanfall PC


Is there a fix for Belkin Routers yet?


Cannot play due to Infinite loading screen.


Opened these ports, as per EA page.

  • TCP/HTTP: 443; 25000-25099; 30000 – 30099
  • UDP: 8125; 25000-25099; 30000 – 30099

 Still not working.


I can play fine on my old Linksys WRT54G v.3 Router. 

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cannot find data center

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So has there been anyone that has figured out a solution as to why titanfall cannot find any data center at all to connect to? I had the same problem with the beta but I bought the game assuming the issue would be resolved by the time of the actual release. I have a belkin router on xbox 1. My nat is opened and I tried port forwarding but I still cannot find any data center at all. Any suggestions other than buying a new router would be appreciated.
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Re: Titanfall & Belkin Router

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Make sure you post in the thread above about connection issues. 

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Re: Titanfall & Belkin Router

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I had Belkin call me and now I'm on.  For me, I had to go into my xbox 1 network settings and change the DNS from automatic to manual and set up a secondary DNS as well.  It didn't take long to do and a representative walked me through it easily.  I was having your problem of no data centers and now I have 10 or so. 

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Re: Titanfall & Belkin Router

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Thank you kanc3rz I did not see that thread.


Post made.

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Re: Titanfall & Belkin Router

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I am on PC mercdaddyrock.

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Re: Titanfall & Belkin Router


You can set DNS on windows as well:

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Re: Titanfall & Belkin Router

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Can anyone help me figure out why belkin doesn't find servers on titanfall
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Re: Titanfall & Belkin Router

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Some gamers have had issues with some older Belkin routers while playing Titanfall.
Belkin has offered a workaround that should solve the issue.

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Re: Titanfall & Belkin Router

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Hey all, 

I was able to get my PC on Belkin N600 to work by disabling Intellistream. Intellistream prioritizes packets for media and gaming, but for some reason doesn't seem to recognize Titanfall (yet).

Log into the router's admin screen, expand the advanced panel, and under Media, there should be an option for Intellistream. 

Good luck!

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