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Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

by juzstabme

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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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after 48H with EA customer service, and uneffective operations, i find this!! glad to you!!

electronic arts should give you some job, you are all damn effective!

more than the 3 advisors i meet last few days.

[edit] I used the DirectX repair tool, and work !

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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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launch game (through Origin or Tifanfall.exe), Titanfall.exe shows itself in process viewer then disappears. If the Mini launch window from Origin (the one that shows update progress and changes to a play button after download, etc...) was open it would show "syncing with cloud, then a "NaN" message for a breif second.


Fixes Attempted:

  1. DirectX11 repair,
  2. Run as Admin (origin & titanfall),
  3. Repair game,
  4. *.dll (system32) fix,
  5. Uninstall / reinstall Titanfall,
  6. Uninstall / reinstall Origin,
  7. Firewall On/Off,
  8. sfc /scannow,
  9. chkdsk etc... Nothing worked! 

How to Identify:

*** For those of you who know how to get to your event viewer - Expand, "Windows Logs" select "Application" (I suggest sorting by Date and Time) and looking at your most recent errors.


For those who do not know how to access your Event Viewer (info in link to MS info) please do the following:


  1. Windows Key + R to access Run (Hold down windows key, press R key)
  2. Type: "eventvwr.exe" (without the quotes, the .exe is unessary on some systems as well but ensures compatibility.) NOTE: Some people may have to use Windows search to find the Event Viewer > Run As Admin
  3. Complete the steps on the line above starting at the top of this section starting at ***
  4. Example image here! >>
  5. Browse your your application logs in the MIDDLE pane looking for recent errors.
  6. Locate anything to do with Titanfall.exe (chances are it's KERNELBASE.dll type of error) if you see this, continue reading to resolve. Example can be viewed here:

Explaination of problem:

To save time I wont explain all the courses of action I took trying to poinpoint my problem. HOWEVER, the telltale sign to me was a: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.3.9600.XXXXX (this may very system to system, I happen to be on windows 8.1 Ent.)


The bottom line is whenever you see KERNELBASE errors it usually has something to do with Windows (7, 8, 8.1) version compatibility issues.



  1. Browse to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Titanfall (substitute for whatever your path is, default shown here)
  2. Right Click on Titanfall.exe
  3. Click Properties in the diaglog box
  4. Click Compatibility Tab
  5. Select the Run this program in campatibility mode for: (make sure this is checked!!!!!)
  6. Go to the drop down box (directly below the check mark) and select Windows 7
  7. Click Apply in the bottom right. Then click OK 
  8. Eample of end result should be like this:
  9. Enjoy and hope this helps!




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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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I have the same issue:


clicking Titanfall.exe or play in Origin makes Titanfall.exe show up for a second in task manager, than dissappears.


fixes tried(that didn't work for me)


directx Repair V3.0: I ran and said everything was ok

ddl repair                : downloaded and patched and sfc /scannow and didnt work

repairing Titanfall

reinstalling Titanfall/Origin

reinstalling AMD drivers

run as administrator and compatibility for both origin and titanfall(and eventvwr had no errors anyways)


help please!

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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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The following worked for me.


I have an onboard intel hd 4000 graphics and an ATI radeon hd 7970m.

I have uninstalled the AMD catalyst centre and the game launched straight away .


Sounds like a wierd solution but worked for me 

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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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Have you tried disabling your firewall to see if your connection is able to communicate with the EA proxy?
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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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Sounds like you had done default video settings the game didn't like saved. Were your catalyst video settings on default?
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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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juzstabme wrote:

can i have your pc specs ?


mine :

i7 26k 3,4Ghz


Nvidia GTX 690 with 335.23 driver..


this is really annoying, i tried everything that other people did to their game.. but still no luck for me... 

even tried disabling hyperthreading , disable multi gpu, disable nvidia 3D.. damn,,,

Do you get any messages after you try to play?


Okay I see you fixed your problem happy for you. I can't get mine to run because it is telling me that my 680 is not a level 10 card when it is a level 11. However, when I played on my other system which has a 770 it played fine. I believe it has something to do with Origin.

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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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The run in Compatibility mode for win7 helped.

Thanks (XP for you).

It was defaulted to windows vista by some random reason (i have never used that os in my entire life) hope someone at EA can make it deafult to the system or higlight it in the forums.


Thanks again.

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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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Hi I had a similar problem


Origin froze after clicking play and Titanfall didn't start. It showed up in the task manager but nothing else.
I noticed a different program loading with origin and this seemed to be the problem.


My Solution:


Go into the Origin folder and rename the program igoproxy64.exe


No idea what this program does, but it fixed it for me.



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Re: Titanfall Won't start/launch at all (PC)

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Repairing the direct X worked for me! LET'S PLAY!

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Accepted Solution

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Since i lost whole morning trying to solve this and i succed here is the link to forum of beta that some guy had the same problem.

You need to dl direct x repair tool:

there is a dl link in one of the posts.

It worked for me, i hope it will for you too.



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