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Registered: ‎05-11-2013

Theme Hospital runs so SLOW

Since Theme Hospital is Abandonware i downloaded it at but when i ran it on D-Fend Reloaded witch uses DOSbox it ran at like 2 FPS. is there ANYTHING i can do for this or am i going to have to wait 8 hours just to finish the tutorial. Then i tried . worked fine. then Wolfinstien 3D. worked fine. basicly only Simcity 2000, and also Theme Hospital did not work right. Simcity 2000 is just about the installer. just tell me how to run Theme Park at normal speed? it takes 8 seconds for the newspaper when you start the game up to get to where you can read it, it also takes 3 seconds to click a **bleep** thing. im not British so maybe that is the problem. but it is not. so what can i do? im posting this in Theme Park because i cant find Theme Hospital in the games.

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Re: Theme Hospital runs so SLOW

Maybe you should contact support there and not on a forum for an unrelated product?