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[The Sims Medieval] Lost registration code

by gaaraisme

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[The Sims Medieval] Lost registration code

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First off, I need to apologise. My problem isn't with The Sims 3, its with The Sims Medieval, but I couldn't find it on the list. Now, I recently uninstalled my medieval game due to problems I was having with the game -and my computer- and I wanted to reinstall it.... but I lost my registration code. I have the disk, case, receipt, and even the sheet with the code for the limited edition items. I wanted to know if there was a way I could get the code back through my computer if it'd still be in there somewhere, it there'd be a way to get it through ea/origin, or if its a lost cause.

Thank you for any help! :robotvery-happy:

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Re: [The Sims Medieval] Lost registration code

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Can you try what is mentioned here?


Of course you have to search for "The Sims Medieval" instead of "The Sims 3."

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