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Re: [The Sims FreePlay] Sims freeplay party boat can not access Facebook

Please note that having incorrect time and date settings will prevent you from being able to access online features such as: 

    • Connecting to the Cloud.
    • Connecting to the Online Store.
    • Connecting to the Party Boat, accessing your leaderboard and gifts.

You will find more information about this here.


If you did not change the ime and date settings on your device and cannot login to Facebook, please check the following thread:

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I can't get my social rewards from the party boat

Ever since the new update was released to visit your neighbors, I was able to get my social rewards a couple of times but then the timer glitched out. It now says I have to wait 22707 hours (seriously) until my next reward. I never used the "time cheat" or whatever people call it and have played the game how it was meant to be played. I also noticed that one night I planted beans before I went to bed, but when I checked Sims Freeplay the next day it said my Sims had just started planting and I think this is when the timer on my party boat got messed up as well.

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Neighbours in sims free play

So on the sims free play on the app on my ipad when you first start the game on the party boat it says 1 neighbour called 'another sim town' but I can't access it i haven't logged into my Facebook and I don't want to so is there another way to get more neighbours and why can't I access the 1 neighbour it says I have?
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Sims Free play time issue help!

Please help! My sims free play game has been having a time issue on it.  It's telling me I have to wait 309 hours to build a house and 10,043 hours to wait for party boat prizes.  How can i fix this?? The app is downloaded on an andoroid galaxy tab 2.

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Sims Freeplay Update

I've uninstalled, deleted my cache and reinstalled this game 4 times - and didn't download my data from the cloud.  It's the typical problems - things that should take 9 hours taking 2 minutes, Sims needs being completely full and then near death minutes later, tasks not stopping and counting into the negative seconds, buildings taking hundreds and thousands of hours to complete, when it should be two.


I haven't changed the time once when travelling (even though I don't like the auto time update), haven't even visited the party boat let alone a neighbor, and am currently in my 5th iteration of starting the game over from scratch.  I really like the game and would like to continue playing, but I don't think any fix is coming.  You're going to lose a lot of players over this if you don't fix it soon.


I have the Asus Nexus 7.

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Sims Freeplay clothing

Ever since I upgraded my Sims Freeplay app, I wasn't able to change my Sims clothes or delete any of them. The Customize Sims icon got replaced by the Party Boat icon. Please add the Customize Sims icon!!


Thank you!! mileywink:

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sims freeplay

went into sims freeplay noticed my wifi was off cause wouldnt connect went and checked wifi connected went back to game sims freeplay now my sims tot store is messed up and my party boat has lots of hours on it and my daily mail not showing up whats up with this

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The Sims Freeplay Neighbors Update July-Aug 9, 2013-Time Bug

[ Edited ]
The issues are the following:
my sims would not go to work especially those who work from 10am-6pm.I let them all quit their jobs and choose it again and the next day they still did not go to work.
I do not receive daily rewards such as mail.

The party boat is stuck at 387h 32m and my competition center is stuck at 199753h 40m. These problems occurred when the visit other neighbors update came about in the July neighbors update. Even with the new update on aug 9th, I am still having issues. My sims are not inspired and is always about to die. Please help me. Thanks.

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Auto-save/cloud issues?

For the past few days, every time I leave the game for a while then come back (usually the next day), it's as though I never did the events of the previous day: Sims are still awaiting commands I gave them previously. For example, yesterday I built a houseboat, moved all the furniture there, and deleted the old house, then sent those Sims to work. 

I opened it up today, found the empty houseboat with both Sims standing there as though I hadn't done ANY of yesterday's work. 


Whenever I try to access the Cloud (to save, or to access the Party Boat), it stays on the "Connecting..." page.....indefinitely. I've had it sitting there, open and running, for almost half an hour now without any form of  progress or change. It's not a Facebook password issue, as it hasn't said "please log in to your facebook account", it won't go further than the "Connecting" screen. I can cancel and back out of it, so it's not frozen there, and my internet connection is just fine. 


Restarting the game and/or my iPad has not solved the issue. 


P.S. It seems to auto-save whenever I buy anything using real money from the Store (since I can come back and find all my purchases intact), but I'll be pretty upset if that's what I need to do to save my game every day. 

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Cloud and house boat facebook issue

I have been trying to save my game or use the party boat for some time but I get the error logging in screen. 

It then goes to the Facebook screen and either shuts down both apps or restarts the sims. 

I've tried logging in and out of Facebook but no progress. 


My facebook username is adelinaxx and i have already tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. My device is not jailbroken either. 

I'm using an iPod touch 4th generation with iOS 6.1.3. 

Can you provide some assistance?