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sims 3 store content won't install

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I have Sims on my computer and my computer got almost totally wiped out, so I reinstalled all my games and all of my Exchange items were there, but my store content was not. I'll install it from the website, it'll go into my Downloads folder, say it installs, but when I go into the game none of it is there (this includes clothes, furniture, and anything else bought).I thought I'd try going into the store in game, and every time I do my game freezes up and crashes. I also tried using it from the download menu in the store in-game, but it still freezes up. I don't know how to solve this problem... can somebody please explain how to fix it?

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Re: sims 3 store content won't install

sometimes it depends on the browser you use google chrome and opera do have issues with downloading items switch to IE or firefox


crin has tips here that usually solve the issue

solutions are 50/50 they work for some and not others and vice versa
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