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cant unpause origin download

let me make myself clear! im trying to download my sims games and i cant unpause anything now theyre stuck and i feel that yall are ripping me off!!!!!!!!! so yall need to get it together because this is a wast of money ad time 



i need answers on how to fix this


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Re: cant unpause origin download

So the download paused on it's own or did you pause it ?


What's your operating system ?

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Registered: ‎07-30-2013

Re: cant unpause origin download

I'm having the same problem. I left my Sims 3 game downloading last night through the morning because I knew that the digital download would take a while. This morning I was excited to play, but when I opened the Origin tab, it was paused at 88%, and there was a pop-up saying: An unexpected error occured: error 131086:0

So now I'm pretty much lost as on how to fix this but right now I'm trying to see if it has to do with the system requirements.

Operating system: Windows 6.0