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Registered: ‎05-27-2013

best food in town opportunity

can not complete the best food in town opportunity have researched it and have found that several other people are having the same issue.  if I accept the opportunity. I do not get a yellow option to eat at the restaurant. have tried just eating alone at the restaurant and then interacting with friends and do not get an option to talk about the restaurant.  the opportunity keeps popping up and I can not do it it is frustrating.

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Re: best food in town opportunity



Are you eating at the right restaurant? I had that happen to me a lot because I wasn't going to the right restaurant. Your Sim is a celebrity right?

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Re: best food in town opportunity

Hi.  I am having the same problem as well.  I keep eating at the resturaunt that is inside the Business building where the star says I should go, but I am not getting the option to talk about it to anyone!


Yes, my Sim is a five star celebrity!

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Re: best food in town opportunity

did you try click on another sim to tell them about the restaurant

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