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Why won't the EA Download manager work?

When ever I open the Sims 3 game launcher, something pops up saying "Unable to connect to the EA download manager" or something like that. I have origin, so I don't know how to re-connect.

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Re: Why won't the EA Download manager work?

Try the tips here:

Origin is the new download manager

Good Luck and Happy Simming


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Re: Why won't the EA Download manager work?

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I was able to resolve by downgrading Origin. I used the following link:

This was found on this page:

It asks for permission to replace the current version of Origin with an older one. Once done, I started Origin, but ran it "offline" which did not even permit me to log in offline, but Sims3 stopped giving the error about EADM and offered to update itself.


[Update: So you know what to expect, when the Sims 3 base game finished installing, I restarted Origin and let it update itself. It failed, and would not properly start, or let me install the latest version from the web over it. Had to uninstall and re-install, losing all the previously downloaded expansions.]


Would still be nice if Origin was updated to be recognized by Sims3 though. I have nothing but trouble installing and uninstalling the last three things I have reluctantly purchased from EA. Today all I wanted was to uninstall Sims3 so I could clean-install Windows and re-install Sims3. But after installing I remembered the EA DRM can get me locked out if I don't do it just right... So the only way to De-authorize my software was to re-download Sims3 and expansions from Origin. Not a small download. But the expansions won't install because the base game isn't patched. _Hopefully_ this will be the last hoop EA makes me jump through [It wasn't even close]. It would have been easier to find an unauthorized DRM-free release and been done with it.


Sorry, I had a lot of time to rant while waiting for downloads.