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Registered: ‎01-04-2013

Why is my Sims 3 taking so long to install and why is it crashing my laptop


I recently purchased Sims 3 and I immediately started to install it. It started to install quickly but then it only completed 30% in about 5/6 hours so I stopped it and went to bed. The next day I began to install it and the installation went really quickly and completed in under 30 seconds, I then loaded the game and went downstairs to get a drink, when I came back up Sims had crashed my laptop, so when I loaded my laptop back up again Sims 3 had installed and was taking ages to install again. HELP!!!!!! What can I do to sort this?????!!!!!

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎07-12-2013

Re: Why is my Sims 3 taking so long to install and why is it crashing my laptop

hey well it happened to me too actually its happening right now lol I was trying to search if theres any way to make it fast but idk. it loaded very well but when it got to the end it was VERY slow. I waited all night just for it to load and nothing hapend but if I canceled it then maybe Its not a good idea. so if ur having trouble maybe go to best buy or something and they'll install it for u so u don't get pissed off looking at the sc u don't get pissed off waiting for too long. idk if im going to do it because I don't feel like doing anything so if u can just wait for it I guess. that's what im doing.