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TheSims 3 Deluxe registration code missing

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Hi I bought the Sims 3 deluxe game when I lived in Arkansas but I moved back to cali. I opened it up from the package an the registration code was missing an I have no way of getting back to the store I bought it from to talk to them about it or get a different copy from them, IM kinda stuck in a pickle from this problem is there a way to get a new one for it or does it mean I have to buy a new one , but when I bought the game it still had the plastic around the case but the guy that I bought it from said it was new but it really looked like someone opened it up an took the code out because the CD had smug all over it an it had a few scratches on it an I know if it was new it wouldn't be like that....

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Re: TheSims 3 Deluxe registration code missing

Did you buy it from a national store?  Is there a pamphlet in the case? The code is on the back of the pamphlet. If the store won't help you, you'll have to contact EA customer support. This is users helping users and not customer support. EA CS may require some proof of purchase (IDK).


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