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The Sims 3 Supernatural- Product Code

Last night I purchased and downloaded the Sims 3 - Supernatural. I received the confirmation email from Origin, however the product code was not included and the game requires me to enter the redemption code in order to play. Please help!

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Re: The Sims 3 Supernatural- Product Code

Click on the link I provide for guide to solve your problem hopefully

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Re: The Sims 3 Supernatural- Product Code

When you log in to Origin, go to your "my games" tab and place your cursor over Supernatural.  You should see an Italic i.  Click on that and your product code should be there.  If not, log out and log back in.  If it still does not appear, contact support and they can provide you with it.  


Here's a guide to contacting support:

If you click on the following link you will be taken directly to the help contact page:

Sign in with your Origin username and Password (Click on Login in the top right hand corner), and follow the guide to ask your question. If your issue cannot be solved from our FAQ list, you’ll then be prompted for ‘Product’ (enter the game you are having issues with) and then for ‘Category’ (select the category that best fits your issue), you can then select 'I still need help' and depending on the time of day and your geographical location, you'll be prompted either to send an email, initiate a live chat with a game advisor, contact them directly, or request to have an advisor call you back (only available in the US).

Please include as much detail as possible, so they are able to answer you straightaway.

Hope this helps.