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Sims3 University Life graduation - NO DIPLOMA

Sooo! My sims(Diana & Berry). These sims are originally from Bridgeport, but I saved a copy of the household into my library and put them in the starlight shores neighborhood. They were all set to graduate. Passed ALL their exams with flying colors, even made The Deans List. Diana attended the university for Science and Medicine. Berry attended the University for Fine Arts. The option to invite family and friends did pop up, I clicked it. I invited one sim from the university town and one from my sims hometown(Starlight Shores I believe is the name of their home town). Neither invited guest showed up. Went to the stadium, both sims changed into graduation robes, and went into the stadium and immediately exited. Weird, I know. The action bar for the graduation didn't even load. No Diploma, no nothing letting me know my sims graduated.. They were able to go back home and get better paying jobs(Diana-Medical 4 $97/hour) (Berry-5 already in culinary pay rate increased to $217/hour). But still, no diploma is in either sims or family inventory....Weird....or.....Major Glitch.
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Re: Sims3 University Life graduation - NO DIPLOMA

This is a known bug as you can see here: