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Registered: ‎12-29-2012

Sims wont interact with each other

I have just installed Sims 3 Seasons and on any family, new, old or even in-game no one will interact with each other or themselves. It also states that the season is summer yet all the Sims can do is make snowmen or make a snow angel etc. I have no mods what so ever (never downloaded any) and I have tried to re-install 3 times. The problem does not occur with Sims 3 Supernatural. I have removed all downloaded content but I still have this problem. This makes the game completely pointless to play.

I have a new windows 8 laptop with excellent graphics and processor (I-7) so this is not my computer and the game itself runs fine. It is just the interaction which is not working.

Please respond to this ASAP because I cannot find any information on this without finding posts that say 'remove mods' ...

My next move is to uninstall every game (even though these are not the issue) and remove all files but this is going to take another day at least!

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Re: Sims wont interact with each other

Hi cookie4me,


That sounds strange. Can you take screenshots of the issue(s) you are seeing and make them available for us, please?