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Sims 3 wont launch in Windows 8


Ok so this is really starting to bug me, I spent a long time on the phone with EA support and got nowhere.


I finally got a new computer that I can run my games on so I installed Origin and started loading my games onto it and installing them. I had no trouble installing anything after a minor hiccup that was caused by some small errors on my part.


So games all installed I thought I'd test Sims out, let the updates install from the launcher, because that works fine.... The issue comes when I click the big play button on the launcher. This pops up:


So I enter my registration code and click done... Then another window pops up, almost identical except now it says Re-enter your registration code. The first few times I tried playing Sims I spent maybe 15 minutes entering the same code over and over and every time it asked me to re-enter it. So then I thought 'Maybe it wants my different expansions codes' so I entered those as well.... It seems no matter what code I enter it just asks me to re-enter a code again and again.


Finally when I get annoyed at this I click don't continue and I get this:


Telling me my code is invalid (which it’s not as I have had EA customer support check ALL my Sims codes. I just don't know what to do, I love playing Sims and was looking forward to the expansions that had come out while I had no computer. It seems all the ones I was actually waiting for are out now (or soon coming out) but I can't see the point in buying anything new unless I can play what I already have.


Game info:

I have used digital downloads through Origin

I have no mods or store content installed (as far as I'm aware)


Expantion packs:

World Adventures

Late Night



Design & High Tech Stuff


Here’s some computer info, feel free to ask for more if you need it.


Computer: Acer Aspire V3 771G (laptop)

OS: Windows 8, 64 bit

Processor: Intel Core i7

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 650 . 2gb


I have a C drive and a D drive... However my C drive is a 128gb SSD (do not want to put games on there)


My D drive where everything is currently installed is 1tb normal drive.


I had another non EA game that wouldn't play, putting it on C drive got it working however it also ate up most of the room there. I'm working out how to move that. However I know Sims can run from a D drive as it runs on my husband’s computer just fine from the D drive.... The only difference is the operating system that we run really.


Please help if you can!

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Re: Sims 3 wont launch in Windows 8

In this case, please get in contact with an EA Game Advisor. You need to log into the help page with your Origin account and then click on - choose your game, platform, and topic to see the contact options. Please choose phone or chat as contact option.