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Registered: ‎11-22-2012

Sims 3 not loading

Similar problem to other people on here and the Sims3 community forum.  Have all EPs and stuff packs (some DVD and some digital download).  Have played Seasons since it came out without much of a problem until last couple of days.  Started getting the screen/game freezing but I couldn't even ctrl/alt/delete - I had to reboot my PC.  Then since the new store patch came out and I installed it my game won't even load.  It goes through the first screen gets to the game screen and once the game has been selected it won't go any further.


I renamed the folder to The Sims 3 Old as someone suggested but when starting the new game and was in create a sim it froze again so I had to reboot.  I have reinstalled Seasons, deleted cache docs etc.  


Is this a common problem now or individual to me?  I have never had a similar problem before now.  Help would be appreciated. Let me know what info is needed so someone can help.


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Re: Sims 3 not loading

Hi hethb28,


Crinrict has made a very good post about crashes. Please read here:


There is also her thread about freezes: