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Sims 3 keeps crashing on create a sim

by Major_Hill

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Sims 3 keeps crashing on create a sim

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Hey so just like the title said, my game keeps crashing everytime I use create a sim. My whole screen goes black and my computer starts buzzing and I have to force turn it off. My computer is a windows 7, 64 bit, i5 Processor. Not sure what else I need to say about the computer...

Sometimes the computer crashes aswel while im just playing it, like, I try to avoid using create a sim as much as I can, but it still crashes. It's just it mostly crashes in create a sim. I have most of the expansions and stuff packs. I also have plenty of memory on my computer left too... I dont know if that effects it at all...


If someone could please help I would much appreciate it!! I've spent so much money on the sims 3 and I'd like to at least have it working properly!!!

Thanks Standard smile

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Re: Sims 3 keeps crashing on create a sim

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Hi majorhill,


You can find good information about crashes and what to do about them here:

Game Crashes (CTD)

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