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Sims 3 Seasons Ice Skating on home pond

Hi, I just got seasons and I wanted to know what the requirements were to make a pond that my sims can ice skate on in their backyard.

I know it has to be appropriately big, which mine is, but is there something else? Whenever the option comes up for them to ice skate on my pond, the sims say that they can't because there's no way to get on there? I don't know, a bubble with the footprints and the no symbol comes on whenever they try so...

My sims have skated on my homemade pond before, but then I changed it and now they can't.


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Re: Sims 3 Seasons Ice Skating on home pond

Hi lunaveea,


Do you remember what you changed with your pond?

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Re: Sims 3 Seasons Ice Skating on home pond

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I had a small pond but they couldnt skate on it.  There are no ponds in the world I am in, I cant remember which one it is, but there are no ponds hardly any fishing sites, its the one with the skinny "park" in between buidlings.  Any info on how to build a pond? I tried to make one for them to skate on and had the same trouble. 

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Re: Sims 3 Seasons Ice Skating on home pond

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I couldn't work out why my Sim wouldn't skate on my own pond either. So I went and looked at the big one in the fish farm. The edges looked slightly less sharp, so I thought that might be it. I told him to skate on that and watched him just walk onto it (even though the ice was a couple of feet below ground level, the same as my own pond). Then I told him to skate on my own pond again, and he did it! It seems like once he's done it once, he can manage a more difficult pond? Update. I was just lucky, the second time he happened to be standing at a point where the slope was less steep to walk onto the pond. I raised the terrain a little at the edge of the pond now they have no trouble with it. It seems the Sims are just scaredycats :-)