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Sims 3 Install Shield won't work?

by snowballthebear

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Sims 3 Install Shield won't work?

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I have been trying to uninstall and reinstall the Sims 3 and Expansion packs because I recently had an issue with the game. I manually uninstalled all the expansion packs and the Base game and then I tried to download them through Origin. All of my games are saved on there, so I figured I would download them from there.


However, every time I try to install the game, the Install Shield immediately freezes. It doesn't even open up. It just minimizes into my task bar and freezes. Every time I try to click on it, it won't open! And whenever I hover my mouse over it to see what it looks like, it just gives me a blank page.


Also, whenever I start the task manager, it says that install shield is running, so I just end the process. But then when I check Origin, it says that the base game was installed and ready to play even though it's not!


This is preventing me from installing any expansion packs because when I try to install them, it says The Sims 3 base game must be installed in order to install the expansions even though Origin tells me that the base game is ALREADY Installed!!!


I need help please.


P.S. I am on Windows 7 and I DO have a copy of all my games in the form of a disc. Except for WA, which was the only expansion that actually installed without prompting me to first install the Base Game. I downloaded WA from Amazon.


*EDIT* I tried playing the Sims 3 and WA and they somehow work! But  I still can't install the other expansion packs.

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