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Roaring Heights redeem-code won't work

by hegesophie

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Roaring Heights redeem-code won't work

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When trying on chrome it says "This code is already in use" and on explorer it says "System is unavailable". I literally just took the plastic off, so it can't possibly be in use.. Does anyone know what might be wrong or what I should do? 

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Re: Roaring Heights redeem-code won't work

did you redeem the code in origin first ? that can make the code invalid if the code is indeed invalid you'll need to contact CS



here's an FAQ on store worlds


if in the event you need to contact CS



2.Click on the orange NEXT button 

3.Select a platform

4.Click on the orange NEXT button

5.Select a topic and describe your problem in a few words

6.Click on the orange NEXT button 

7.Click Chat Now to chat with a Game Advisor


guide on how to contact CS

solutions are 50/50 they work for some and not others and vice versa
I don't work for or have any association with EA
please remember your on a public forum never give out your codes your emails or phone numbers here on the forums or in a p.m
game issue questions belong in the forum please do not pm me with game issue questions
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