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Re: Redeem my Sims 3 product code

by gaa17

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Redeem my Sims 3 product code

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Dear Ea,


 My Sims 3 game I installed on my computer just last January. I installed it on a fast and easy account but since then I ave forgot the password for that account but cam to realize that instead  putting my email as I did it which now I am screwed because I can not activate my account in Sims 3 or even play on a new account because it sais I have already active a code on another account. It would help me tremendously tat you will tell me the step by steps to redeeming my product code or how to get a new because your help page is not very helpful.


            Thank You,



P.S. here is my product code that I have been trying to use and is my original one.

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Re: Redeem my Sims 3 product code

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This is a public forum, not a private message to EA's customer service.  Please remove your email addresses and serial code.


Only EA can handle account issues like lost registration codes, recovering passwords, purchasing/refunds, etc. Here is a link to contact them:

Also, here's a post on how to navigate the contact page in case it's confusing: (Just so you know there is no longer an email option, only live chat and phone.)

Best of luck.

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