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Play Sims 3 Without using a disk

Hi I have all the Sims 3 games up to pets expansion pack. My dvd drive doesnt work on my computer anymore but I have all my games and regestrations on Origin including their codes and I was wondering if there was a way to play the game without the disk. Thanks

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Re: Play Sims 3 Without using a disk

Some games have no-CD hacks that you can download from the internet. However, there is a reason why no-CD hacks are illegal. It's to prevent piracy. If everyone used no-CD hacks then one game could be shared by multiple players, and that violates the license agreement you accepted when you installed the game. The short answer is to fix your DVD drive.

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Re: Play Sims 3 Without using a disk

log into your origin account go to my games you should be able to download the digital version/s of your game

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