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Origin download for Sims 3 won't install my game.

by emmafranklin97

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Origin download for Sims 3 won't install my game.

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HELP EA:  I have been trying to get my Sims game to work for about a month now. It all stopped working when I downloaded Sims 3 pets.

After that I had been receiving an error report saying 'Error during start up, please check log for details'.


I do not have the slightest clue what the log is and how I fix it. So I basically manually uninstalled the game altogether, all of my Sims 3 games.

I have bought and run the game through Origin but as I have tried to re-install The Sims 3 base game through Origin, it says it will install but doesn't.

I am appalled at how long I have been trying to get the Sims working again and I would like some help fixing it as I have paid a lot of money on all my Sims 3 games.


Please can somebody help, I am getting more and more aggravated as the days go on.



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Re: Origin download for Sims 3 won't install my game.


See if this helps you:

Good Luck and Happy Simmin


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