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Origin Legacy CLI has stopped working.

I recently just bought and downloaded the digtial copy of the sims 3 supernatural and showtimes. I also updated my sims 3 launcher to ver. 1.55. and everytime i try to launch either supernatural or show time there is a pop up saying the Origin Legacy CLI isn't working and that it can not connect to origin even though I have already been logged in. Even when i try to launch the sims 3, it will say the same thing. If there is anything you guys can do to help it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Origin Legacy CLI has stopped working.

The first thing I would try is to uninstall and reinstall the Origin client. This is done in a very short time and is far easier than uninstalling the games.


You can get the latest version of the Origin client here:


If that does not help, please read here:


Unable to connect with Origin by crinrict

When I open the launcher, I get the following message: "Unable to connect with Origin".