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Registered: ‎05-16-2013

No supported video graphics card detected

I played The Sims 3 last night it was working fine, a little laggy but that's normal. I went to play it today and I get the message stated as the subject. I only reinstalled it about a week ago after having it off for a year or more. I have the Pets, World Adventures and University Life expansion packs loaded. I'm playing it on a run of the mill laptop but it can normally handle it ok. The laptop is running on Windows Vista. Please help.

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Re: No supported video graphics card detected

Lots of people have had this problem, but it's a little more technical than I know how to troubleshoot.  This is the guide lots of Simmers use:  My suggestion is to look it over and if it seems too complicated or you run into trouble following the instructions, post on the Tech forum ( over at the Sims site.  There's lot of helpers there that help players with this issue and they usually give out that guide so they'll be able to help you with it/this problem.  Good luck!