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New Update for Sims 3 won't work

by 15salena15

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New Update for Sims 3 won't work

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The new Sims 3 patch 1.47.6 doesn't work. When I try to install it, right before it finished downloading, There was an update error. I tried to download new patch several times, it doesn't work. Please help solve the issue.

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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work

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I installed it yesterday without issues, now my CaW and my Sims3 seasons fail to load and start.  It might be a good thing that you can get it installed.

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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work


Try the manual super patch linked here:

Good Luck and Happy Simmin


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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work

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Hi there,

I, too, am having a similar problem.

Up until recently I was only playing on The Sims 3 base game (I know, I must have been the last person on Earth to just be playing the Sims 3 base game by itself). All was well, except for the fact that I couldn't update my game past version 1.22 because the launcher said that it could not "connect to the EA Download Manager". So everything in my game stayed... well, rather basic. After doing a lot of Googling around, I discovered that the EA Download Manager did not exist anymore (WHAT), and instead TS3 required me to install this Origin program. Well, I did exactly that and updated my game to version 1.42 and all was well, until I recently bought the expansion packs Generations & Ambitions; as well as four Stuff packs: High-End Loft, Outdoor Living, Town Life and Master Suite. After installing these 6 packs I soon discovered that there was a patch for version 1.47, and I tried updating my game from the game launcher. I ran into a few problems, however, which were the I/O Operation stopped, and that this dfc-gorilla program which had been launched from the patch's InstallShield Wizard kept stopping at 11% whilst the "deltabuild" packages were installing. My computer meets every single requirement that the game needs to function properly to a high standard. I tried a few things such as disabling my firewall when I was updating, installing with different game disks so on and so forth, and yet the patch still would not install properly. So, I left it at that and just went back to playing my game. The Sims 3 Launcher requires me to have the Master Suite game disk inserted as the game will not launch without it. However recently my game has begun to randomly pause during gameplay. It will stay like that for a minute (or even several), then it will keep playing normally again. Then it will pause again, and then start again.... over and over again. Up to about, let's see, 8 times in five minutes? My sims are frequently stuck in places and cannot move. Even after using the "resetSim" cheat they still are stuck. I can't save the worlds that I make on Create-A-World. Even that program wouldn't even start up until I updated my game to version 1.42. My game has become extremely laggy even after I downgraded all of the visual settings to the bare minimum.  I do believe that part of the problem is the fact that I have installed the Master Suite Stuff pack. I have Googled, troubleshooted, and eventually read that quite a lot of other Simmers have also had problems with the game since installing Master Suite Stuff and/or TS3 Pets. I figured that the only way out of this pausing/unpausing hell would be to try and update my game to patch 1.47 again. For the umpteenth time.


I have tried the super patch link, and so far the dfc-gorilla installs it up to 71% and stops after trying to install a file called "paul.dll", saying that there was an update error. I am currently downloading it YET AGAIN and hoping (praying) that it works.

(And it hasn't).

I do have Custom Content installed (quite a lot of it), but they are from genuinely good sources (like JulianaSims, LorandiaSims3 etc. [their stuff is free, by the way  so no laws are being broken there, EA]) and my game functioned absolutely fantastically with these installed on just version 1.42, except for the fact that my Sims could not get married (which was to be fixed, I believe in patch update 1.47). Other than that, it worked like a charm.

Now I can't update it to patch 1.47 and I can't do the things I want to do. This is extremely infuriating as I am not willing to uninstall my game. I have several games installed on my disk/on my computer in which I have completely made over the towns, re-decorated hundreds of homes to make them better to live and play in, gone through Create-A-Sim heaps of times to create unique, new, beautiful Sims and am absolutely not, under any circumstances willing uninstall my game, effectively losing hours and hours of work simply because this 1.47 patch is not installing. The Sims 3, ever since it has been released, has been riddled with bugs and glitches that multitudes of gamers have been complaining about. I can't play the base game without the Master Suite Stuff disk inserted, as I have mentioned before. Even when I just tried inserting the base game disk and click on the actual disk from the "Computer" file/folder/area thing and sorting out the dfc file from there, it just takes me straight to the Game Launcher.

Ever since installing these Stuff & Expansion packs, my game continuously stuffs up without any warning. I have tried everything and have given up hope. I can only wait until a new patch is released before playing again. It's just so disappointing  messed up WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL ridiculous.


TL;DR: I hate the new updating system. It's absolute s**t and it stuffs up not only for me but for a lot of other Simmers as well. There was none of this "dfc-gorilla" bulls**t before. Many people's games WERE working relatively well before the EA released the new updating system. My MSS pack is ruining my game and this 1.47 patch does not install. I have spent hours and hours and hours and hours perfecting my game and am NOT willing to uninstall it and risk losing everything on my disk. What the hell, EA. Do you even get people to actually test-play your games? Because it seriously seems like you don't. Just asfdjk;lafsdk;jlsfadjkl;fsadjkl.



- from a very obviously unhappy Simmer.

(Sorry about the really long explanation/rant but I really am SO DISAPPOINTED. I have tried. I have failed. I just don't know what to do. I feel really helpless.)

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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work

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Okay. So I just looked at the update page on the official TS3 page for the update and it says that you have to disable your custom content. Let's try this.

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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work

[ Edited ]
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Okay, so, that didn't work. It stopped again because of an I/O operation error. On 80%.


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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work

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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work

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Okay it finally worked for some stupid reason, problem solved. 

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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work -.-

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Can someone please explain to me on how to update my game it says I'm currently using version (I'm so confused) as I need to update to !!!!! Helppppppppppppp!!! 

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Re: New Update for Sims 3 won't work

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how ?

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