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My game wont save!!!

To be honest im quite pi**** off!


My the sims game have just become more and more enjoy, and unplayable. Everytime I play it it crashes at same point, and A LOT, and with a lot I mean HOURS OF HOURS gameplay just crashed without me saving it. I have been close to smashin my computer into the wall because it happens so often. Well now I have build a quite big house in the sims, and wanted to save, and again "The sims 3 is not answering" and then it just crashes. I build it the house foundation 3 times and ithave just crashed all times. 


Why should I keep going on playing the sims when it litteral ust a waste of time!!!!


Anybody knows a silution to this (word i wont write) problem!!



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Re: My game wont save!!!

Do you have the Seasons expansion pack ?


There is a issue related to buiilding walls.

Not sure on what triggers it but it might be connected to either the weather or the christmas lights. Make sure to turn the christmas lights for your home off and also turn off any snow or weather effect.

Check this thread for details:




Also, you say it crashes at the same point ? Which point ? Make sure to save regularly and do not go hours without.


Here's some more suggestion: ?

  • What is your operating system
  • At what point does your game crash ? Any regularities ?
  • How long can you usually play ?
  • Which EP/SPs do you have installed ?
  • Are you using custom content and mods in your game ?
  • It's also good to include your DxDiag:

Good Luck and Happy Simming


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