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Registered: ‎05-13-2013

My Sims 3 getting stuck in Processing Mode.

I was playing my game and my Sims Lady just gotten married to another Sims. When it was time to merge households, it just get stuck on PROCESSING mode. I done the (CTR+ALT+DEL), the sad thing was that I didn't Save. So I restarted it again and played the game again. I Saved everything and tried to move the household again and it stayed on PROCESSING again. So I did the whole process over again. Then I switch up and decided on MOVING IN the Sims and AGAIN IT STAYED ON PROCESSING. Can someone help me with this problem? I played SIMS 3 on 3 different computers and now it is causing me problems. I played this game since its been out. I have the MASTER SUITE  and NIGHT LIFE.