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Exception EAccessViolation SMSystemAnalyzer.exe at 002F1F6A...

This is the 3rd time I have gotten this message, I typed it as it appears:

Exception EAcessViolation in module SMSystemAnalyzer.exe at 002F1F6A  Access Violation at address 13431F6A in module "SMSystemAnalyzer.exe" Read of address 00000000.


This started after I installed the latest patch and installed the Aura Skies world for The Sims3.  The game closes and the above message appears, I've never had this problem before or really any type of problems until now.  


Thank you for your help!

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Re: Exception EAccessViolation SMSystemAnalyzer.exe at 002F1F6A...

smsytemanalyzer.exe is part of iolo System Mechanic. This could indicate a registry problem or malware. I read a few posts about this software causing problems. I recommend getting ccleaner from Piriform (there is a free version) and scan and fix registry. Make sure your antivirus database is up to date and scan your computer. If you still have the problem then I recommend uninstalling the software that uses this program as several packages include this. This program is not a core program for the operating system, I personally don't like the power this program has and would not want it on my computer. This is based on reading many posts and reference this one - smsytemanalyzer.




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