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Registered: ‎10-24-2012

Create A World (CAW) crashing after Edit In Game (EIG) is activated.

I'm new to CAW, but am learning as I go.  I followed the tutorials and walkthrough to where I was ready to build my first lot. I added a new layer by right-clicking "World Layer" under World Layers panel, then right-clicked "layer-1" and selected "Make Layer Active".  I turned the grid on, clicked "Lots" tab in Utilities and clicked the "add new lot" icon.  I created my lot by dragging the mouse to make it 64x64 and clicked to set it.  When the box popped up, I clicked "Community" wanting to make it a big Park.  I set the Additional Property Value to 25 and Beautiful Vista to 85 and clicked OK.  Following the directions in the Walkthrough, I went into "Edit in Game" (EIG).  According to the walkthrough, a mini-version of the game was to open where I wanted to place a lot from my Library. 


That's where the game crashes with a message that reads Windows (or Sims 3) has stopped working properly.  "You will be notified if (that's a laugh) a solution is available".

I have the latest Browser.  The game has been equipped with all the latest upgrades.  Can anybody help me?  I was so excited to get to this point in Creating my own World!  I'd love to continue!!  Please help, if you can!  I'd be most appreciative!