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Bought / registered digital game on Origin - Serial Codes Not Working on Sims Website!

by mountynrose

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Bought / registered digital game on Origin - Serial Codes Not Working on Sims Website!

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I bought 5 games/expansion digital games from Origin, and I can't register a single one! I try to register my games using the serial numbers that come up when I click on the information button and it says that my codes are incorrect. This is frustrating! I do everything the emails tell me to... to a tee. And every time I get the same message that the number I have entered is invalid. How do I fix this?

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Direct download registration

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Does Origin have any plans to allow us to add games we directly download to be added to our Sim3 profiles? It just seems lame that: 1) It isn't done automatically since it is auto-registered; 2) There is no way for us to do it ourselves.

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Bought my seasons and supernatural expansions at amazon

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Bought my seasons and supernatural expansions at amazon, registered and downloaded the games with origin now i cannot register them with the sims 3 websight. How do I register those expansions?

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Invalid product code/serial number

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Hi. I recently purchased the Sims 3 through Origin. When I try to log in and register, I am told the product number/serial number is invalid and I am stopped from registering. The code boxes automatically fill in. Can this be corrected please so I can register the game and  play it fully. Thanks

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The Sims 3 Supernatural

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Bought the extension package on line, downloaded on my computer and now I can not register the game as it complains that the code is already used and therefore can not get the extras. What should I do ?

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serial number

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HI there I bought my game the sims3 from Origin yesterday, there is product number with same number of digits as for serial number would be, but when i use them for serial number to register my game it says its not valid or its been used before. In fact I followed the guide from this website to find the serial number from installed game and the serial number is same as product number from origin. But its a new game why can't i register it, serial number isnt been recoginised

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Issue with The Sims 3 Community: Register Game

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So on Friday 11/23/12 I purchased The Sims 3: Seasons and started playing. Part way through my session I looked at my profile, after signing in, in game and decided to register it through the wall since I hadn't really done so in the past. I put in my serial number and it said I had partial access and that I had to log in to get full access. Okay I figured I'd do that and when I look at my profile through The Sims 3 Community it doesn't show that I've got The Sims 3 registered to my name. Odd, so I try registering it after logging in and I got an 'invalid code' error after entering it. Did my serial number get posted to someone else, or just lost to the ether? How can I get my legitimately owned copy of Seasons registered to my account now?
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Cant Register Sims 3 Plus When Ever I Try To Launch It Wont Let Me!!!!!

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Okay on my sims3 account it says i dont have and games registered when i did register my Sims 3 that i bought on Origin. also every time i go to play the game and it get on the launch menu it never lets me play it saying I need to check my internet connect when my internet works perfectly fine and such. How do we solve this issue because i paid my money fair and square and would like to be able to play the game i spent my money on.

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I got my 2 brand addons on Origin but when i try to register them on with the key that Origin displays it says that the code is invalid. What should I do to register it?

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My Registered games on Origin are not showing up on

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I 'merged' my accounts when Origin first came around so I know I have them 'linked' however, a lot of my games are not showing up in that box of Registered Games on the Sims3 page. Because of this, I am not able to download some of my bonus content. I also recall getting the Limited Edition or Collectors Edition of Medieval only to discover that it wasn't. So because of whatever Origin Mix-up, I don't get the extra content. 


I don't know where I go on either site to make sure that the accounts are still linked. The only Sims identity I see, I have in an uneditable field on Origin is (I believe) for The regular Sims and not Sims 3. It just says: Game Specific Identities - The Sims  <user-name here>


I know I am linked because all Sims Cash purchases for Sims 3 that I make do download to my game through Origin. Unless it automatically queues the game launcher itself outside Origin. I have all but one Sims 3 game (missing the Katy Perry Sweet Treats) and a Sims Medieval game (no Pirates and Nobles) and of all the games I own, not even HALF show up on the website. I thought that perhaps it took a while to sync but it can't take this **bleep** long, can it? Someone help. 



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