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[The Sims 2] I need to get a new registration code for Sims 2

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I was told that I could get a new registration code for The sims 2.  I heard it cost $10 could someone please tell me how to go about getting the new code so my daughter can play the game

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serial code

hi i have sims 2 but i have lost my box and i got a new laptop, which means that i cant get my serial code, What should i do?

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No Installation Code for Sims 2

I recently tried to install my Sims 2 game from a while ago, but I don't have that little booklet/manual that comes at the front of the box. I've been trying to look up some of the possible codes but after a certain percentage of installation they just freeze completely. I really need help because it would be such a waste to have to buy the same game and all of the expansion packs when I already own them.  

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Re: No Installation Code for Sims 2

Hi everyone,


The following information applies to the North America territories only.  If you are not using a North American version of your game you must consult your manual for the proper policies and information.


Lost or Missing Serial Replacement:
If you meet one of the following criteria, you can send a request along with an administrative fee to Electronic Arts for a replacement serial/registration number.



  • The product is 90 days past the purchase date
  • The original serial/registration number has been discarded or lost

When sending a request for a replacement serial/registration number, please include the following:


Items & Information to Send

  • Money order or personal check for $10.00 USD per serial/registration number requested.
  • MAKE THE CHECK PAYABLE to Electronic Arts.
  • Note: If you are requesting serial/registration numbers for a collection pack, the $10.00 USD fee will cover numbers for all of the games included in the package.
  • Proof of Purchase - located on the game’s manual. If you do not have the manual available, send a photocopy or picture of the game disk to verify ownership
  • Note: It is not necessary for you to send us the physical disk. If, however, you decide to send us the physical game disk, please make sure you use a traceable delivery method. Electronic Arts is not responsible for products lost in transit
  • Explanation of the situation
  • First and Last Name
  • Return Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number

Send To: 
Electronic Arts Warranty Department
7700 Parmer Lane Building C Suite 200
Austin, TX 78729


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Re: No Installation Code for Sims 2

How do I do this, how so I but one. I live in the uk